As a kid, Jim came by music honestly. Noodling keyboards in the local appliance shop earned him Accordion lessons (seriously!). But that didn’t stop him. With Beatles, CCR and Zappa on the turntable and Motown on the radio, Jim fell in love with the groove.

In high school he hit the skins a bit but his musical education truly began playing double bass at school and the electric at home. In those years, Jim had traveled to Scotland and to Alberta with the orchestra. It was awesome.

Then it was bands, bars and rock and roll. Things were a bit hazy at Humber College but touring up and down the Trans Canada highway a few years cleared the cobwebs. Later, he met up with Michael and Vic, to form what would eventually become The Knockouts.

These days Jim fills in on bass for a number of different local outfits and has had the honour of subbing into local heavy hitters The Carpet Frogs for Live 8 with Randy Bachman and for a number of dates in the Bachman Cummings band.

Finally back to rockin it with The Fabulous Knockouts, he is “Glad All Over”!